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Greg is a South African born technology strategist based in Vancouver, BC with a mission to accelerate the adoption of technology in real estate.

He is passionate about solving problems, creating opportunities for marginalized groups, designing and executing systematic frameworks to achieve organizational objectives. 


He has worked in technology and real estate industries with global multinational organizations, private development/ construction companies and a wide range of clients while leading real estate national initiatives at Deloitte.

Over the years Greg has been involved in a number of strategic M&A/IPO projects including the $2.8 billion US purchase of Intrawest by Fortress Investment in 2006 and recent technology company IPO's.


When he is not working unravelling data and business problems, Greg enjoys spending his time with family, working on home renovation projects and bettering his chess skills.​

Fun fact: When people find out I'm from South Africa (insert missing accent) they ask "Have you read Trevor Noah's book - Born a Crime? It's really funny" to which I respond "No, I have not, but I'm sure it is really good!"

For those who have not read his book I highly encourage you to read or listen to it... It's really funny! 

Select clients served:

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